Compliance and Integrity

Weichai is always devoted to producing the most competitive products in quality, technology and costs. It always holds that compliance operation is the fundamental and basis for ensuring the good quality of products and realizing the Company’s sustainable development, acknowledges that compliance is the key element for a company to win the trust of partners, strictly complies with industrial requirements as well as applicable national and regional laws and regulations for business operation, abides by business principles and business ethics, and run the business with sincerity and honesty to make sure that its own products can meet industrial standards and customers’ requirements.

Weichai requires its staff to learn and strictly follow the Company’s compliance policies as well as applicable laws and regulations, and always has a “zero tolerance” attitude towards any violation against laws, regulations, moral ethics and industrial standards during the process of business in all fields. Meanwhile, Weichai hopes that its partners can understand and coordinate with Weichai’s compliance policies, can abide by, together with Weichai’s staff, the applicable laws, regulations and industrial requirements, and can fulfil their compliance obligations, so as to ensure that both parties can establish a stable cooperation at the premise of abiding by laws and compliance, thus continuously engaging in various business activities.

To strictly fulfil compliance obligations, abide by related laws, regulations and compliance policies, Weichai actively establishes the compliance system in an all-around manner, including but not limited to special compliances in many fields such as trade, labor, intellectual property, trade secret, anti-corruption, antitrust and data security etc. Specifically, the Company ensures to apply sufficient resources, formulate various special compliance guides and compliance systems, deploy internal and external compliance experts to carry out whole-process risk assessment and compliance disposal for various business activities in order to ensure the compliance of all the business activities.

Weichai will continuously advance the construction of its own compliance system and will be dedicated to realizing compliance values. It will reach extensive cooperation with external professional compliance advisory agencies to conduct compliance audits on a regular basis and accept supervisions of all stakeholders, thus jointly promoting and ensuring that Weichai’s various business activities are developed rapidly on the track of compliance.

• Weichai has appointed Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and established Compliance Management Team. The CCO and the Compliance Management Team can give full play to their roles in strategy confirming, decision making and risk preventing to manage the Company’s compliance work in a coordinated manner.

• Weichai is devoted to continuously establishing and improving a compliance management system on a long-term basis. Moreover, it has established a compliance examination mechanism to ensure the consistent validity of the compliance management system. It also continuously optimizes the compliance management system by means of traceback and improvement.

• Weichai values and continues to improve the staff’s awareness and capability of compliance. Specifically, the Company helps its staff sufficiently learn the Company’s and their personal compliance obligations and liabilities through training and publicizing etc., aiming at ensuring compliance to be integrated into each employee’s behavioral habits.

• Weichai carries out active and open communications and cooperation with its stakeholders to share Weichai’s compliance philosophy and practices, for the purpose of continuously enhancing compliance trust and win-win development.

If you find that Weichai employees or partners violate the requirements of laws and regulations, you can report it in the following ways. Weichai undertakes to keep the informants and contents strictly confidential.