Suppliers' Standard of Conduct

As an international company engaging in business across fields and industries, Weichai takes “the purpose of customer satisfaction” as its core value, and has established a set of social responsibility system with Weichai’s characteristics. Meanwhile, we hope to standardize the cooperation with our Suppliers from operating, social and environmental respects by implementing Code of Conduct of Weichai Suppliers, so that we can jointly undertake to comply with the core values that underpin Weichai’s reputation and brand.

This Code of Conduct of Weichai Suppliers (hereinafter referred to as the “Code”) constitutes a part of the contracts signed by and between Weichai and its Suppliers. During the business relationship with Weichai, the Suppliers shall engage in business activities in strict accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and the principles set forth in the Code. The Code shall serve as a minimum standard of relevant laws, regulations or business practices. Weichai hopes that the Suppliers can follow the Code strictly and urge their upstream suppliers to do the same.

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