Antitrust Compliance

Weichai always sticks to fair competition and is committed to implementing the strictest code of business conduct, maintaining a business environment of fair competition, and complying with applicable antitrust laws and regulations to avoid illegal and unfair competition and achieve sustainable development of the Company.

To ensure that the Company’s business activities can meet the requirements of antitrust compliance, we design and implement the antitrust compliance system from four respects of “Enterprise’s compliance policy, risk assessment and prevention, governance and supervision and compliance culture cultivation”, specifically:

(1) We have formulated and constantly improved the antitrust compliance policy of the Enterprise, specified the requirements as well as management and control process of the Enterprise’s internal antitrust compliance, embedded the key control points in the business process of procurement, marketing, investment as well as merger and acquisition to ensure that the antitrust compliance requirements are integrated into all business fields;

(2) We focus on key businesses, investments and M&A projects, comprehensively investigate whether the Enterprise may exclude or restrict competitions in relevant business fields. We also formulate explicit preventive measures;

(3) We review our business policies, circulars, advertising activities or other collaborative activities on a regular basis, timely stop and rectify non-compliant business activities, and formulate preventive countermeasures for potential non-compliant activities;

(4) We continue to improve the antitrust compliance awareness of all departments and staff, and convey the requirements of antitrust compliance to the staff by offering all-around and systematic compliance trainings to them and make sure that they can comply with such requirements.

Weichai’s staff shall be aware of and implement the Company’s antitrust compliance policy and shall not achieve business objectives through unfair competition. Weichai’s staff shall know that any violation of antitrust laws and regulations will have a significant negative impact on the Company. Meanwhile, Weichai has a “zero tolerance” policy and attitude towards any violation against antitrust laws and regulations. Any employee who violates the foregoing laws and regulations shall be punished in accordance with labor disciplines and even have his/her labor contract terminated, and may be held legally accountable as the case may be.

Weichai needs the support and coordination of its staff and external partners in order to implement its anti-trust compliance policy. Weichai hopes that all partners can understand and support Weichai, and comply with the applicable antitrust laws and regulations together with Weichai.