Training and Development

Personnel training: perfect training system and diversified development path for the employee

1. Weichai has the perfect training system

Weichai has extensive training resources and has built a team of trainers and in-house trainers with high quality and professionism. Meanwhile, with the training advantages of the vocational institute and the online learning platform, the role of training will be fully played out. (At the same time, fully use the school-enterprise cooperation, corporate training base, online learning platform and other resources, then combine them with the company strategy and the needs of individual employees to provide trainings of various forms for different groups.)

The training system of the group consists of four levels: company-level, department-level, workshop-level and team-level. With the guidance of the planned training system and procedure, various training forms and professional training courses, the requirement of company strategy and development will be met, as well as the departments’ and employees’.

2. Diversified development path for the employee

(1)Multi-way promotion

In order to improve employees’ professional knowledge and skills, select outstanding talents and inspire employees’ work enthusiasm, the company established a promotion system consisting of annual evaluation, annual appointment, competitive merit and dynamic management. The company encouraged the employees to work hard and under the circumstances that job openings are available, hard-working employees with good performance and excellent ability will have priority access to promotion and development opportunities.

(2)Career planning suitable for various talents

Position employment is adopted. Different employees will be managed according to their different job descriptions. Also, different career paths will be made in order to let everyone play their role and have their own development.