Business Standard of Conduct

As an international company running businesses in multiple fields and industries, Weichai has power system, commercial vehicle, agricultural equipment, engineering machinery, intelligent logistics, marine transport equipment and other business segments all over the world. It is committed to making an example in abiding by high standards of business conduct, and has developed a set of perfect and transparent policies and standards to address the challenges it faces in various businesses in a unified way.

All cadres and employees shall be honest and abide by the standards of business conduct:

-- Adhere to honesty and trustworthiness and do not commit acts of fraud when dealing with all business activities and business relations of Weichai;

-- Abide by applicable laws and regulations of the countries and regions related to business operations of Weichai;

-- Protect and use properly the assets of Weichai and respect others’ intellectual property rights;

-- Safeguard the interests of the Company and deal with public and private interest relationship appropriately;

-- Respect the differences, respect and treat fairly cultural habits and religious beliefs of customers, suppliers, business partners and employees from all over the world.

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