ECVT – Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission.

  Newly developed new energy power system developed, using Weichai engine, self-designed planetary arrangement structure, mature parts in the market, and independent electronic control system.

Technical parameters
WEC6.2H-G60-M100-PG110 WEC6.2H-G60-M100-PG110
Technical route
Dual planet emission, diesel electricity
Dual planet exhaust, gas and electricity
Engine power
ISG motor power
Drive motor power
Characteristic parameters
Front row 2.63, back row 2.0
Front row 2.63, back row 2.0
  • The product can be applied in 10-12 meters bus and highway bus.
Technical features
Economic and energy saving
  • Pure electric start.
  • The engine is deeply coupled to the motor, and the engine works in an efficient zone.
  • Idling-speed start and stop.
  • Power split.
  • Braking energy recovery.
  • The fuel-saving rate > 60%.
Driving comfort
  • The planetary gear system is used to adjust the speed and torque of the motor to realize true stageless speed shifting and smooth power.
  • The engine is in the optimal operating area with low noise.
Customized design
  • Provide systematical solutions to users.
  • Adaptive calibration to meet the needs of different road conditions, giving full play to the advantages of hybrid power.