• During the excavator design, we need to consider several key factors, such as the special demand of the market, noise and emissions regulations, reducing costs while improving performance.
  • We are willing to address these challenges with you, to share with you the Weichai Power and Linde Hydraulics’ more than 50 years of experience in the field of excavator about system design and commissioning, as well as the development of innovative components and systems. We help you meet the requirements of diversity global market and improving energy efficiency .

Optimized powertrain solutions

  • The powertrain solutions that integrates the engine, hydraulic parts, controller, to provide customers with system solutions.
  • Higher efficiency, lower energy consumption
  • Dual-pump design and Integral valve design, make the excavator structure compact, performance excellence
  • LSC hydraulic system, distribute according to demand, manoeuvrability better handling
  • LSC system is easy to extend, and no need to commissioning
  • Short main valve inside pipe, small pressure loss

Technical Data

Nr. Target Models Engine Main Pump Main Valve Swing Motor Travel Motor Electronic Control System
1 13-16吨 WP4.1 HPR135 VW18 PMTE2000 PMCI2500 WISE40
2 20-28吨 WP6/WP7 HPR210/HPR125D VW25 HMF135/PMTE4000 PMCI4500 WISE40
3 30-38吨 WP9 HPR165D VW30 HMF135/PMTE6000 PMCI6000 WISE40
4 40-49吨 WP12 HPR210D VW30 HMF135/PMTE4000X2 PMCI9000 WISE40