Product introduction
  • WISE40 is a hydraulic electronic control system platform jointly developed by Weichai Power and Linde Hydraulics for the field of mobile machinery, which can meet the control needs of the most complex mobile machinery
  • WISE40 can provide hardware, secondary development software platform, intelligent multi-star universal diagnostic tools, the platform has the characteristics of security, openness, flexibility, versatility, intelligence, reliability and durability, can be widely used in the field of construction machinery and agricultural machinery
WISE40 Hardware Platform
  • The WISE40 hardware controller is a platform controller designed to meet the control needs of complex mobile machinery
  • With 32-bit Power Architecture® core technology and 120MHz clock frequency and parallel processing, WISE hardware controllers stand out in terms of performance, mainly for the control of hydraulic solenoid valves, with 50 input channels, 30 output channels, and 3 CAN bus channels for vehicle communication
  • The WISE40 hardware controller provides a high-performance platform for all functions on complex mobile machinery
Product advantages
  • High safety, all outputs can be urgently cut off, realizing stop/stop function in case of emergency
  • Input and output with fault detection
  • High electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) capability
  • High vibration and shock resistance
  • It can meet its corresponding safety requirements such as environmental temperature, water, dust, salt spray intrusion and so on
MADIS (Model-based Application Design and Integration System)
  • MADIS is a rapid prototyping platform developed by Weichai Power, aiming to provide solutions for the rapid development and verification of control strategies based on controller platforms
  • In the process of using MADIS, customers can fully focus on the development of control strategies, without having to care about the underlying interface, compilation links and other processes, so that the speed of software development can be greatly improved, and the launch of new products can be accelerated
Product advantages
  • Automatically generate an application-layer modeling environment
  • Application-layer modeling environment and model prescriptive automatic checks
  • One-click code and executable generation
  • Supports floating-point modeling
  • Support DSM function development
  • Support the development of application-layer task scheduling functions
  • Modules such as measurement, standard quantification, and underlying interface are simple and easy to use 
SmartDiag Universal Diagnostic Tool
  • The diagnostic service tool "SmartDiag" is a comprehensive communication service tool developed by Linde Hydraulics (China) for the development of a full range of electronic control products. Functions include: diagnostic instrument related functions, such as reading fault information, fault maintenance guidance, reading data stream, actuator testing, etc.; Controller data flashing; Functional calibration of the whole machine
  • "SmartDiag" man-machine interface design is friendly, simple operation, perfect function, clear classification, for the service personnel to provide strong technical support. Smart Duoxing adapter is small and easy to carry, can be connected to a laptop or mobile phone through adapter + USB or WiFi, and supports a variety of operating systems, including: XP/win7/win8/Android. The wireless connection function can be adapted to a variety of complex places, providing great convenience for service personnel. In addition, Wisdom Star upgrades through the network, which can quickly complete product updates and effectively guarantee market services
Product advantages
  • Diagnostic capabilities
  • Data calibration
  • Data flashing
  • Data flow monitoring and logging
  • Executor test
  • Self-learning