Product introduction
  • The fuel injector is a device that injects high-pressure fuel into the combustion chamber of a diesel engine. According to the requirements of different diesel engines, the diesel from the high-pressure fuel pump is atomized, and injected into the specific combustion position with a certain injection pressure, spray fineness, fuel injection pattern, range and spray cone angle, and mixed and burned with air.
Maintenance tips
  • The injection pressure is determined by the atomization of the fuel according to the design. The lock nut cannot be loosened arbitrarily during use, and the injection pressure cannot be adjusted arbitrarily without experimental equipment.
Service commitment
  • Weichai provides quality assurance and warranty commitments for parts: under normal use and maintenance, within the warranty period, customers can enjoy the high-quality, fast and efficient after-sales service provided by the authorized maintenance service center or part dealer in the customer’s location with the sales invoice or the sales voucher printed through Weichai Parts System.
  • The product in the picture is suitable for the WP10 truck engine. For more information, please consult the local dealer.