Product introduction
  • As the body of the engine, cylinder block is the assembly basis of the crank connecting rod mechanism, the valve mechanism and the main components of the engine system. Cylinder block spare parts are based on the pre-assembly of the cylinder block with seals such as bowl plugs and pull rivets to ensure the basic performance of the block. Cylinder block spare parts and original parts are of the same source and quality. Strict quality inspection and quality control systems ensure stable quality and continuous quality improvement.
Maintenance tips
  • Regularly check the reliability of the parts of the lubrication system and the cooling system. As the assembly basis of the major systems, the block provides oil and water channels for the lubrication and cooling system. Therefore, the performance and reliability of the lubrication and cooling system must be guaranteed to ensure engine's normal running.
  • Special spare parts must be used for replacement. When assembling, protect the reliability of each part and the connection  of the parts to ensure engine performance.
  • Pay attention to check the sealing of the bowl plug , and replace the bowl plug of the same specification in time if leakage occurs.
  • Pay attention to paint maintenance. If part of the paint is peeled off, take protective measures in time to avoid rust which will affect the reliability of the block.
Service commitment
  • Weichai provides quality assurance and warranty commitments for parts: under normal use and maintenance, within the warranty period, customers can enjoy the high-quality, fast and efficient after-sales service provided by the authorized maintenance service center or part dealer in the customer’s location with the sales invoice or the sales voucher printed through Weichai Parts System.
  • The product in the picture is suitable for the WP10 truck engine. For more information, please consult the local dealer.