• 10W-30
  • 15W-40
Package Specifications
  • 4L、18L、200L
Performance Features
  • Weichai China VI gas engine oil is a product with a long driving mileage of 60,000 kilometers, which meets the requirements for the use of gas engines with emission standards of China VI and below. It is recommended for Weichai Power's single gas fuel (CNG, LNG, LPG) engine.
  • Optimize soot-related peoperties to meet the challenges of high-temperature operation.
  • Excellent thermal oxidation stability will effectively control the formation of sediment and sludge.
  • Long oil change cycle will effectively reduce the operating costs of vehicles and fleets.
  • Excellent low-temperature flow performance will provide better cold start protection for the engine.
  • Excellent shear stability will help it maintain viscosity-temperature characteristics under severe and high temperature conditions.
Scope Of Application
  • Safety and environmental protection tips: Avoid regular or prolonged contact with the used oil, and please wear impermeable gloves when using it. In case of contact, please wash with water and soap immediately. To protect the environment, please send waste oil to an officially approved collection and treatment center. Do not pour waste oil into drains, soil and water. It is harmless to use under normal conditions, but is not edible.