• Voyage-escort1000 4030
Package Specifications
  • 18L、200L

Performance Features

  • Designed specially for medium-speed diesel engines using diesel with sulfur content between 2.0% and 3.5% and DMC fuel, it has ultra-strong thermal degradation resistance, anti-wear,and high cleaning capabilities. The high base value formula has ultra-strong protective function for the components of engine, and can neutralize acid produced by combustion of fuel with increasingly higher sulfur to prevent corrosion of components.Continuously using this product can improve cleanliness of the engine, reduce the formation of "black paint film" and oil sludge,effectively prolong manitenance cycle of engine and reduce use cost;

Range of Application

  • Applicable to lubrication of MAN engines, CW250\CW200\R6160\X170 and other series of disesel engines of Weichai, large-scale marine auxiliary engines and land-based-based generator-sets using fuel oil or bunker oil with sulfur content between 2.0% and 3.5%.