• CF-4 15W-40
  • CF-4 20W-50
Package Specifications
  • 4L、18L

Performance Features

  • High-base-number formula can effectively neutralize acids produced during the combustion of high-sulfur diesel, and prevent the corrosion of bearing bush;
  • Strong anti-oxidation ability, good thermal stability, can meet the requirements for long-term use of engineering machinery in heavy-duty conditions;
  • Good cleanliness and dispersity, can ensure the engine clean as new
  • excellent shear resistance at high-temperature, long-lasting viscosity and stable oil pressure;
  • Outstanding low-temperature performance, can meet the use requirements in engineering machinery in the field environment.

Range of Application

  • High-quality, heavy-load diesel engine oil, recommended to be applied to Weichai Power full-series National I and National II engineering machinery diesel engines