• CI-4 10W-30
  • CI-4 15W-40
  • CI-4 20W-50
Package Specifications
  • 4L、18L、200L

Performance Features

  • Excellent compatibility of Natioanl Ⅳ engine tail gas treatment device, the emission is more environment-friendly;
  • Ultra-low evaporation loss, little air pollution;
  • Long oil drain period, less waste oil produced;
  • Rapid flowing capacity, greatly reduces dry friction during the starting and stopping;
  • Ultra-strong soot-inclusive capacity, effectively solves the wear and tear, oil thickening, oil gallery blockage and other issues caused by soot;
  • High-quality base oil, long-term use without thickening;
  • Significantly improve the anti-wear capacity, reduce component wear, making longer engine life;
  • Excellent high and low temperature viscosity properties and shear stability, effectively control oil viscosity changes, ensuring oil pressure.

Range of Application

  • Recommended to be applied to Weichai Power National Ⅴ diesel engines (including Yangchai engines)