• CF-4 10W-30
  • CF-4 15W-40
  • CF-4 20W-50

Package Specifications

  • 4L、18L、200L

Performance Features

  • Tough oil film and good anti-wear property meet the requirements for intercooling supercharger and high-pressure common-rail high-power engine .
  • Excellent viscosity-temperature property, long-lasting viscosity-maintaining ability, even though the turbine is at high-temperature and high-speed environment,litttle viscosity change in the course of use,and stable oil pressure;
  • Excellent base number reserves, effectively neutrualize acids produced during the combustion of high-sulfur diesel, and prevent the corrosion of bearing bush.
  • Good cleanliness, prevent bond of the piston ring and the accumulation of carbon deposit in the engine block.
  • Good dispersity, can disperse carbon deposit particles and soot produced during the combustion in the engine, and prevent wear and blockage of the filter. "

Range of Application

  • Recommended to be applied to Weichai Power NationalⅠ,National Ⅱhigh-speed diesel engine (including Yangchai engines)