Product introduction
  • The cylinder liner, piston and cylinder head jointly form a combustion chamber to provide guidance for the movement of the piston. This cylinder liner is a thin-walled dry cylinder one, which is beneficial to reduce the cylinder center distance. The body has a compact structure, which shortens the length of the engine, and greatly reduces the weigh of the engine. The inner surface of the cylinder liner is a special truss grinding net pattern, which improves the oil storage capacity of the inner surface of the cylinder liner, improves lubrication ability and reduces wear. Strict quality inspection and quality control systems ensure stable quality and continuous quality improvement.
Maintenance tips
  • The cylinder liner is a thin-walled part, and toolings should be used for disassembly to prevent damage to the cylinder bore.
  • Before using a new cylinder liner, use a cleaning agent to remove the rust-preventing oil on the surface, observe whether there are cracks or damages, and clean the bottom hole, especially the carbon deposit at cylinder liner lip, and blow it with compressed air. Never use cotton yarn to wipe cylinder liner hole.
  • After cleaning and checking, apply a thin layer of molybdenum disulfide to the outer wall of the cylinder liner to facilitate disassembly and assembly of the cylinder liner and prevent cylinder scratching.
  • After the cylinder liner is pressed in, check the protruding amount of the cylinder liner to ensure that the cylinder liner has a good sealing effect and prevent the cylinder liner from burning out and leaking.
Service commitment
  • Weichai provides quality assurance and warranty commitments for parts: under normal use and maintenance, within the warranty period, customers can enjoy the high-quality, fast and efficient after-sales service provided by the authorized maintenance service center or part dealer in the customer’s location with the sales invoice or the sales voucher printed through Weichai Parts System.
  • The product in the picture is suitable for the WP10 truck engine. For more information, please consult the local dealer.