Product introduction
  • It is cast from gray iron.  Through the optimized design, the rib structure is strengthened, and the modal and tensile strength of the flywheel housing is improved. The application field has been extensively expanded, and life and quality of the flywheel housing improves.
Maintenance tips
  • Users must check and maintain the powertrain suspension system on time, replace the damping pads that have cracks or failures, and tighten the fastening bolts if they are loose.
  • Replace the damping pad, engine bracket, and flywheel housing strictly according to the replacement specifications.
Service commitment
  • Weichai provides quality assurance and warranty commitments for parts: under normal use and maintenance, within the warranty period, customers can enjoy the high-quality, fast and efficient after-sales service provided by the authorized maintenance service center or part dealer in the customer’s location with the sales invoice or the sales voucher printed through Weichai Parts System.
  • The product in the picture is suitable for the WP10 truck engine. For more information, please consult the local dealer.