Weichai Power Co., Ltd.


Weichai Power Co., Ltd. (HK2338, SZ000338)was founded in 2002 by the main sponsor, Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd. and qualified domestic and foreign investors. It is the combustion engine company listed in Hong Kong stock market, as well as the company returning to China mainland stock market. In 2021, Weichai’s sale revenue reaches 203.55 billion RMB, and the net income attributable to parent reaches 9.25 billion RMB.

Weichai has always adhered to the operation strategy of product-driven and capital-driven, and is committed to developing products with three core competitiveness: quality, technology and cost. It has successfully built the synergetic development pattern among powertrain (engine, transmission, axle/hydraulics), vehicle and machinery, intelligent logistics and other segments. The Company owns famous brands such as “Weichai Power Engine”, “Fast Gear”, “Hande Axle”, “Shacman Heavy Truck”, and “Linder Hydraulics”. 

Key Laboratory of Engine Reliability, National Engineering Technology Research Center for Commercial Vehicle Powertrain, National Industrial Design Center, National Internal Combustion Engine Industry Measurement and Testing Center, Nationally Recognized Enterprise Technology Center, and National Professional Makers’ Space and other state-level R&D platforms. It has established “Post-doctoral Workstation” and other research bases, as well as State Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Base. It has also built R&D centers in Weifang, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chongqing, Yangzhou, etc., established cutting-edge technology innovation centers in many places around the world, and set up global collaborative R&D platform to make sure that the technology stays at global leading level.

Weichai has established a service network composed by more than 5,000 authorized maintenance service centers throughout China, and more than 500 overseas maintenance service centers. Weichai products are exported to more than 110 countries and regions.

In recent years, Weichai has won the First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, China Quality Award, China Trademark Gold Award – Trademark Innovation Award, National Demonstration Base of Enterprise Culture, National Quality Award, China Industry Awards, and Special Prize for Progress in Science and Technology of China Machinery Industry.

Tan Xuguang is the CPC Committee Secretary/chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, chairman of Weichai Group, CPC Committee Secretary/chairman of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, and also the chairman of China Federation of Industrial Economics, the vice president of China Enterprise Confederation/China Entrepreneur Association, the vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, and the vice president of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. He receives the special government allowance of the State Council, and is consecutively selected as the representative of the 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th session of the National People’s Congress, and awarded “National May 1st labor medal”,  “National Model Worker”, ”National Excellent Entrepreneur”, “The 4th Yuan Baohua Enterprise Management Gold Medal”, “China Equipment Industry Decorated Entrepreneur", “2011 Top 10 Innovator in China”, ”China’s Excellent Quality Figure”, ”Liu Yuanzhang Quality Technology Contribution Award”, “Shandong Figure of 40th Anniversary of China Opening Up” , “Italy Leonardo International Award”, “Qilu (Shandong) Model of the Time”, “Qilu (Shandong) Outstanding Talent Award”, “The Most Beautiful Striver” for PRC’s 70th Anniversary, “Shandong  Outstanding Entrepreneur” and “ Shandong Governor Quality Award”, he enjoys special government allowances from the State Council.

Weichai Power takes “Green Power, International Weichai” as its mission, takes “customers’ maximum satisfaction” as its aim, and has formed unique enterprise culture. Weichai’s strategy: The traditional business shall remain a world-class level by 2025, and the new energy business shall lead the development of the global industry by 2030. The Company shall grow into a well-respected multinational group of intelligent industrial equipment.