Shaanxi Hande Axle Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi hande axle Co., Ltd. was founded in March 23, 2003 by Weichai Power and Shaanxi Automobile Group joint venture, its predecessor manufacturing plant in Shaanxi car axle branch. The company is a high-tech enterprises, have Xi'an, Baoji two factory, plant area of 200000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 3800 people, and more than mid-level professional and technical personnelof various types of engineering and technical personnel more than 600 people, the registered capital of 320000000 yuan, annual sales of more than 5000000000 yuan.

For many years the company was named "China machinry top 500" and "the national PARKnSHOP auto parts enterprises", "2007 Chinese brand" axle assembly awarded the "China famous brand"product title, in 2009 the "hand" trademark was named "A Well-Known Trademark in China".

At present, the main products are: 5.5T - 16T steering front axle, 10T 35T double reduction drive axle, 9T 13T single reduction drive axle, steering driving front axle 5T - 13T, 5T - 16T trailer bridge;products covered by the heavy and medium truck bridge, bridge, bus bridge engineering, off-road vehicle bridge four series 76 varieties, more than 2700 models. The double reduction drive axle,single reduction drive axle with unique technical advantages and strong load capacity and torque transmission capability, has been in a leading position in domestic market.

The company keep up with the pace of the axle industry development, respectively in 1984 and 2004 two exclusive introduction of the international advanced vehicle technology, and innovation through the introduction, digestion, absorption and the level of technology, has always been to maintain industry-leading. In June 18, 2007, hande axle technology licensing India, carried out the first exportChina automobile assembly technology, creating a new model for hande axle and domestic automobile enterprises to implement brand strategy of internationalization, marks the China automobilemanufacturing industry by product exports to the export of technology breakthrough.

Since 2000, the company invested 2000000000 yuan for technical transformation, expanding the scale, enhance strength, now has an annual output of various types of bridge assembly 550000production capacity, and with the national bridge assembly and test center and matched with the new product trial production workshop, with a strong R & D strength and the first-class R & D team.Preparation.

The spirit of customer satisfaction of the service concept, the company all over the country more than 1100 special service station has a full range, high efficiency for the user to provide considerate service. The spirit to provide customers with axle product concept more reliable, high efficiency, the company has built a domestic advanced level of the series of axle housing, the main reducer shell,bridge box, wheel side reducer shell, differential shell, wheel hub, a front beam, a steering knuckle,the most professional production line and axle assembly line, painting line. Processing the bridge shell processing the whole process, automatic production lines and flexible manufacturing unit, greatly improving the processing precision and efficiency, meet the requirement of production batch, multi species. The welding head axle by electron beam welding of advanced international level of welding technology and welding technology of friction welding, to ensure product quality and efficiency,through the use of automatic measuring and tightening technology in the assembly process, to ensurethe reliability and stability of the product.

Since, company to the basic management to improve as the focal point, through the enterprise internalvigorously implement the lean production (ERP, TPS), the overall budget management, performance excellence, 6 Sigma and other advanced management concept, make the management morescientific; through the ISO/TS16949 quality system certification, environment / occupation health and safety management system certification and national military standard certification, quality managementlevel improved significantly; by creating excellent corporate culture, make the enterprise cohesion andconstantly enhance core competitiveness.

The company based on domestic, have the whole world in view, axle product "for global customers toprovide more reliable, efficient, created for the mission staff, adhering to the" good life "adhere tothe leading technology and internationalization, do strong three plate, enterprise development strategy to realize the target of 10 billion". In the domestic market and a dozen of host plant to establish a stable and cooperative relations; in the international market, the axle assembly products have been exported to Europe, Asia, North America and so on more than 10 countries and regions, for many years in the domestic bridge assembly exports first.

Relying on the stability of product quality and strong strength of the company, hande axle keepdoubling growth, achieved leapfrog development, production and sales all kinds of axle assembly in 2012, nearly 300000 root. To "1025" end, hande axle will be built into a strong R & D, leading technology, first-class management, well-equipped annual revenue over 10 billion internationalmodern large-scale bridge enterprise.