Technical parameters
Overall dimension(length × width × height, mm) 2171*780*1113
Weight(kg) 1075±20
Type WP6/WP7
Emission standard Euro V
TM motor
Type Permanent magnet synchronous
Rated power(kW) 100
Peak power(kW) 160
Rated torque (N.m) 900
Peak torque(N.m) 1800
ISG motor
Type Permanent magnet synchronous
Rated power(kW) 55
Peak power(kW) 120
Rated torque (N.m) 350
Peak torque(N.m) 600
Applicable vehicles
  • 10-12m city-bus
Product features
Economical, efficient, energy-saving and environmental-friendly
  • Through system matching optimization, the engine and motor work in the high-efficiency zone
  • Have pure power-driven start and stop mode
  • Lightweight design further saves energy
  • Engines can comply with Euro V emission standards
  • High torque at low speed
  • The engine and motor drive in parallel at medium speed and high speed
  • Smooth power output without interruption
Safe and reliable
  • Perfect development process and norms
  • Have a complete tool chain and laboratory equipment required for development and testing
  • The system has passed harsh tests of whole-vehicle in high-load and multi road conditions
Customized design
  • Provide users with systematic solutions and match the engine, motor and other components with different parameters to meet different customer needs
  • Adaptively calibrate according to different road conditions to meet the needs of different road conditions and give full play to the advantages of hybrid power.
Model List
Product Series Engine Type Power of ISG motor(kW) Power of drive motor(kW) Emission Level Applicable Vehicles
WE41/42 WP4.1/WP5 35/73 55/150 Euro V 8-10m city-bus
WE61/62 WP6/WP7 55/120 100/160 Euro V 10-12m city-bus