Shandong Satellite TV | Tan Xuguang has created "Weichai Miracle" in 20 years: I did what others did not dare to do

Video Description

After creating a miracle in the past 20 years, Weichai will create a new miracle in the next 10 years. Its "2020-2030 Strategy" plan requires that its revenue will reach 100 billion US dollars by 2030.

Tan Xuguang said, "enterprises can only pay more taxes when they earn more money. Its strong bargaining power indicates that its core competitiveness is strong. This is very simple. I am willing to do some more things to let the world know!"

The brave man wins. Doing business is not a treat for dinner. At any time, it is possible to face the choice of life and death, and face the reform like scraping the bones. In the 20 years of hardships, Tan Xuguang went up the mountain to fight the tiger. What refines his courage, is the righteousness to always adhere to the main business, the focusing on the development. Entering a new era, the seeking for high-quality development would still facing challenges, and Weichai will be brave enough to fight for it.