Beautiful and Powerful: Weichai Large-bore Gen-set Products Make a Stunning Debut in Shanghai


From June 25 to 27, the China (Shanghai) International Power Equipment and Generator Group Exhibition (GPOWER 2024) was held in Shanghai. Weichai M33/M55 series large-bore gen-set products made a stunning debut and boosted the development of the industry.

Large and beautiful

A true “celebrity with strength”

12M55 gas engine for land-based gen-sets

At the exhibition site, the 12M55 gas engine for land-based gen-sets is called "strong and beautiful", the engine material is fully strengthened, the use of vermicular iron body, cylinder head, can withstand higher cylinder explosion pressure; Engine parameters real-time monitoring, fire monitoring, single cylinder monitoring, explosion-proof protection and other safety protection functions are complete, is a reliable power for high-power high-speed power station, and oil and gas fields.

20M33 diesel engine for land-based gen-sets

20M33 diesel engine for land-based gen-sets adopts grid structure cylinder block, high strength alloy steel crankshaft, high strength of the whole machine; Weichai independent ECU, algorithm optimization, flexible calibration, one step loading capability; Standard large flow fuel filter, high filtration accuracy, long oil change cycle, reduced cost of use.

16M33 diesel engine for land-based gen-sets

The cylinder block of 16M33 diesel engine for land-based gen-sets is designed with grid structure, and the crankshaft is made of high-strength alloy steel, so the whole machine has high strength. Efficient four-pressure structure, strong power; The use of electronic control high pressure common rail fuel system, fuel atomization is good, excellent economy; The whole series adopts modular design, high universality of parts and convenient storage of spare parts. A large wave of hardcore technology has attracted many industry guests and become another "celebrity" at the exhibition site.

Integrated power solutions

Enabling high-end markets such as big data centers

Weichai M33/M55 series large-bore high-end power generation products meet customers' demands for high-end, intelligent, green, energy-saving and efficient, higher power and high power density, and continue to improve their competitiveness in global high-end power markets such as 5G big data centers, mining areas and hospitals. During the exhibition, Weichai held a special seminar on data center power solutions, and guests from related industries and customer representatives exchanged views and witnessed the new products.