Tan Xuguang: I Will Play a Good Role of Logistics Master for Customers


In order to further promote the brand of Weichai Power in Malaysia and make "Good Quality of Shandong" famous overseas, from June 20 to 21, Tan Xuguang conducted in-depth field research on end-use customers in Malaysia (West Malaysia region), discussed and communicated with ship owners and distributors, and conducted systematic scheduling around product upgrading, customer satisfaction and resource allocation in advance.

In-depth on-site research at the customer’s

To get the most authentic information

Tan Xuguang went to the front line of customers in Malaysia to understand in detail the product use, product quality, product service of Weichai Power, KION, Sinotruk and other brands, and had on-site scheduling.

Tan Xuguang investigated KION's Baoli electric forklift battery configuration.

Tan Xuguang tested Sinotruk’s HOWO MAX heavy-duty truck equipped with Weichai engine on site and judged the vibration and noise by listening to the engine sound.

Create value experiences for customers

To keep the brand image flying high

At a working morning tea, Tan Xuguang exchanged with three Malaysian ship owners to learn more about the operation of ships equipped with Weichai engines and future product needs. When hearing feedback from ship owners that Weichai engine saves 10,000 ringgit in fuel money a month compared with competing products, Tan Xuguang said that we will continue to improve technology and performance advantages, and create greater value for customers, only in this way can Weichai brand image fly high and remain invincible. I will play a good role of logistics master for the customers.

Tan Xuguang has held market channels and customer conferences in Singapore and Malaysia to listen to the problems and long-term development suggestions of partners on products, business, accessories, services and other aspects.

Tan Xuguang said that we should promote the advancement of channel resources, technical teams and spare parts services, accelerate the localization process, lead the upgrading of product consumption, and work with partners to build a sustainable growth of export business system. Overseas offices should be located in the first line of the market, where the customer is. We will go anywhere that customers are at. You cannot just sit in a big city office enjoying air conditioning.

Accelerate the construction of Weichai (Singapore)

Product exhibition and customer training center

Tan Xuguang inspected the Weichai (Singapore) Product Exhibition and Customer Training Center under construction at Weichai Singapore, held a meeting with the management of Weichai Singapore, made a systematic summary of this visit to Southeast Asia and put forward clear requirements for the next step.