Tan Xuguang: Southeast Asian Product Exports Should Be Done with a "Battle Map" when Fighting the "Transformation Battle"


From June 16 to 17, Tan Xuguang chaired the on-site scheduling meeting of Weichai Southeast Asia market export business in Singapore, focusing on the export situation in the first half of the year and the export increase in the second half of the year, in-depth analysis of new problems, new contradictions and new opportunities in the export of marine and power generation equipment products in various regions of Southeast Asia, and carried out a systematic top-level design for business transformation, organizational change and team building to comprehensively promote the upgrading of products and brands in the Southeast Asian market.

A t the Weichai Southeast Asia market export business scheduling meeting, Tan Xuguang listened to the work reports of the heads of Weichai Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, India and other business zones respectively. He said that he came here with a "battle map", and Weichai must work together to fight the "battle of transformation". Weichai's Southeast Asia export business should focus on key markets, key products and key channels, accelerate the transformation from traditional products to new products, from low value-added products to high value-added products, and from selling products to selling services. We should use Weichai's latest and most competitive high-power high-end engines to seize the power generation equipment and Marine power markets, and achieve significant breakthroughs, substantial improvements, and substantial leadership. Weichai Singapore should play a good role as a hub to all works.

At the Weichai Singapore Company business scheduling meeting, Tan Xuguang listened to the recent work report in detail at Weichai Singapore, and made decisions on a series of major issues in the Southeast Asian market. He said that Weichai Singapore Company should give full play to its hub role in the Asia-Pacific market, and drive the export of products in the whole region to further expand and strengthen with a comprehensive and powerful management and service system. Relevant management of Weichai Group and Weichai Singapore attended the meeting.