Tan Xuguang: Cultivating New Quality Productivity Requires a Team with New Quality Leadership


In the afternoon of June 12, Tan Xuguang presided over a meeting of management of Weichai Group, focusing on the organizational goal of activating new quality productivity with new quality leadership, focusing on building a management team that links past and future, focusing on the prominent problems exposed by young management in the fierce market competition at home and abroad. Through more than 20 typical problem cases within the enterprise, timely feed young management "cold medicine" and "preventive shots", and firmly build a steel team that supports the group to move towards the world class.

Outstanding problems exposed by young management of the Group

Putting forward four requirements for management of the Group

Putting forward four management requirements for Group management

All management of Weichai Group and directors of domestic and foreign offices attended the meeting, and middle and senior management of Shandong Heavy Industry Group headquarters and other ownership companies attended the meeting through video.