Tan Xuguang: Accelerate the Major Projects of Weichai for Early Operation and Results


In the morning of June 12, Tan Xuguang went to Weichai New-generation Engine Digital Industrial Park and Weichai Lovol Intelligent Tractor Manufacturing Base, requiring the construction of major projects to be completed, put into operation and take effect as soon as possible, further releasing the surge momentum of new quality productivity of high-end equipment manufacturing in Shandong.  

Global lighthouse, industry leader

At the Weichai New-generation Engine Digital Industrial Park, Tan Xuguang investigated the production lines of processing, assembly and testing, and witnessed with employees that Weichai high-end Engine Digital Factory into operation and the 15,000th product rolling off the assembly line.

Weichai's New-generation Engine Digital Industrial Park project was announced to be put into operation at the Shandong Key Equipment Manufacturing Project Promotion Meeting held on November 3, 2023, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan. The digitalization, intellectualization and green level are world-class, and it is the first engine digital unmanned factory in the global industry. Since the project was put into operation, after 7 months of operation, all line has reached production ready level.

Accelerate science and technology to strengthen agriculture

At the Weichai lovol intelligent tractor manufacturing base, Tan Xuguang investigated the main plant under construction on site. He said that it is necessary to speed up the progress of the project to ensure that the whole line is completed and put into operation by December 1 this year, leading China's agricultural equipment to the high-end, and adding the wings of science and technology to build a "Shandong granary".

Weichai Lovol intelligent tractor manufacturing project announced the start of construction at the Shandong Key equipment manufacturing Project promotion meeting held on November 3, 2023, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan, which will become the first green smart factory in the domestic agricultural machinery industry. After the completion of the project, the annual output of 100,000 high-end intelligent tractors with more than 100 horsepower can be achieved.

Relevant management of Weichai Power and Weichai Lovol smart agriculture accompanied the research.