Tan Xuguang: Achieve Win-win between Chinese and German Enterprises through High-level Cooperation


From May 23 to 24, Tan Xuguang led a team to Frankfurt to investigate KION Group and Linde Hydraulic of Weichai Group, to fully deploy and promote the win-win cooperation between Chinese and German enterprises through high-level cooperation.

KION should dig deep into the synergistic "gold"

Create new technological value for global enterprises in the Group

On May 23, Tan Xuguang led a team to talk with the management of KION Group, specifically studying the operation of KION industrial forklift truck and Dematic business. They jointly discussed the global industry situation, and carried out a special communication and promotion meeting on the coordination issues of new energy and hydraulic system industries within the Group.

Tan Xuguang said

Weichai and KION Group have been through strategic restructuring for 12 years, creating a model of industrial integration and cultural integration between Chinese and German enterprises. The two sides should sum up the successful experience of opening up and cooperation, promote broader and deeper strategic synergy, and work closely together to push KION from the first in Europe to the first in the world.

Adhere to high value-added products, comprehensively improve the sustainable growth ability of the enterprise and the operation efficiency of the whole process, and surpass the best level in history.

It is KION's most important strategy to fully open the North American market. It is necessary to deploy all resources, allocate the best talents to the North American market, and resolutely win this hard battle.

Linde Hydraulic’s Sino-German double industrial chain complement each other

To succeed in the global market ecology

On May 24, Tan Xuguang organized the Sino-German team in Frankfurt and held the Linde Hydraulic operation analysis and global business promotion meeting, highlighting the market orientation, goal orientation and problem orientation. The meeting systematically studied the current operation situation, competitiveness benchmarking analysis, future development ideas and other work of Linde Hydraulic, accurately took the pulse and coordinated resources on the spot, providing "artillery" support for Linde Hydraulic to explore the global market.

Tan Xuguang said

Under the new ecology of global competition, Linde Hydraulic must speed up strategic adjustment, comprehensively benchmark world-class enterprises, and move toward high-quality development.

Make products that the market really needs, make products that competitive products can not replace, and make products that can create value for customers and for the company. The technology that customers aren’t willing to buy is worthless.

Linde Hydraulic should fully grasp the two big markets in China and the world, make good use of the synergistic advantages of China and Germany's dual bases and double industrial chains, comprehensively build a new pattern of "two cycles" that complement each other, and enhance the competitiveness in the global market.

Look forward to the new energy trends of the global industry, and prepare strategic layout and structural adjustment in advance. These are the top priority to achieve sustainable development.