Tan Xuguang: Product Exports Must Not Be Arranged Without Due Consideration!


On the basis of recent detailed field visits and research in the Southeast Asian market, on the afternoon of April 7th, Tan Xuguang hosted the Shandong Heavy Industry · Weichai Power Southeast Asia Market Product Export On-site Advancement Meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The meeting conducted a comprehensive review of the product export situation of various affiliated enterprises in the first quarter of 2024 and scrutinized the emerging issues, systematizing the work arrangements for the second quarter.

Tan Xuguang emphasized that in the fierce global competition, the speed of response is like gold! Considering the Southeast Asian market as the strategic focal point of the group, there is an imperative to capture market opportunities for significant growth in the second quarter.

Firstly, leadership must be directly involved. Decisions must not be made as if shooting in the dark from a thousand miles away!

Secondly, we must engage in coordinated action. It's essential to learn how to enhance our value by leveraging the resources of others!

Thirdly, we should prioritize advanced design. Each market must have products that earn endless praise from customers! We need to win market competition by leveraging the competitive edge of product differentiation!

Fourthly, business operations must be precise. Highlight a unique strategy for each country and enterprise, set benchmarks against world-class standards, and transition towards the higher end of the value chain!

Fifthly, effective support is required. The market front line is the "boss," and all actions must be subordinate to the front line's command!

Sixthly, it's crucial to upgrade our platform. We aim to win customers over with high-configured products and services that deliver high attendance and efficiency rates!

Regional heads from 9 Southeast Asian districts of 5 group enterprises respectively reported on their export operations. Tan Xuguang diagnosed and provided pointed feedback on each case, offering precise "prescriptions" for improvement.

Major responsible individuals from the headquarters of the Shandong Heavy Industry Group, its subsidiary companies, business managers, and directors of Southeast Asian regional offices attended the meeting, both in-person and online.