Tan Xuguang Attends the Press Conference on the Deepening Reform and Operation of Shandong Provincial Enterprises in the First Three Quarters and Answers Questions from Reporters


In the afternoon of November 7, the Press Office of the Shandong Provincial People's Government held a press conference on "Taking a Peek at Shandong’s Development" to introduce the deepening reform and operation of Shandong provincial enterprises in the first three quarters. Shandong Heavy Industry Group Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager Tan Xuguang attended and answered questions from reporters.

Reporter from www.zhonghong.com asked what remarkable results Shandong Heavy Industry Group has achieved in economic operation and high-quality development in the first three quarters of this year.

Tan Xuguang said that the profitability hit another record high, industrial added value reached the best level in history, and operation quality of overseas business has been greatly improved.

Public Daily reporter asked that since in recent years Shandong Heavy Industry product export business continued to rise, what has Shandong Heavy Industry done in the first three quarters of this year in terms of product exports, and what significant results have been achieved?

Tan Xuguang said that Shandong Heavy Industry Group’s product exports have maintained a growth rate of more than 50% for four consecutive years and there are four main highlights this year:

The "Belt and Road" region export achieved doubled growth, becoming a shining pearl on the crown of Shandong Heavy Industry Group;

Gotten rid of product homogeneity competition pattern to enter the global high-end market;

Hardcore technology of high thermal efficiency diesel engine has won the favor of customers around the world;

Global subsidiaries collaborated efficiently and achieved rapid growth in the new business.