Sinotruk Group Holds the 5th Anniversary Meeting of Reform, Restructuring and Development


On August 28, 2023, at 3:00 PM, Sinotruk’s 5th Anniversary Meeting of Reform, Restructuring and Development was held in Jinan, to recognize Sinotruk’s "Belt and Road" market pioneers, and pioneer teams and individuals in the reform, restructuring and development 5th anniversary. Tan Xuguang made a speech entitled "Accelerating towards the World's First-class Commercial Vehicle Group". More than 30,000 people participated in the meeting online and offline.

Five major transformations in five years of reform, restructuring and development

Enlightenment of reform, restructuring and development: Five Unwavering Commitment

Self-revolution is the way to our success, and we must unswervingly carry out reform to the end;

Self-reliance is the source of our power, and we must unswervingly take the initiative in science and technology development in their own hands;

Top-down management is the soul of our team, and we must unwaveringly build a steel army with highly consistent values;

“Employees First” is the basis of our value, and we must unwaveringly fully share the results of enterprise reform and development;

The leadership of CPC is the foundation of our development, and we must unwaveringly inherit the gene for the future;

Continuous work for the goal of a century-old Sinotruk

To build a standing, world-class commercial vehicle group with all applications;

To build a strong technology enterprise that stands at the top of the industry and is respected globally;

To polish the most beautiful business card of China's intelligent manufacturing to the high-end and to the world;

To build the most attractive, most inspiring, and most successful super "dream factory";

To cultivate the unique cultural genes of Sinotruk passed down from generation to generation;