General Manager of Sinotruk Group Wang Zhijian Signs the 2023 "Military Mission Commitment" with Tan Xuguang


At 9:00 on January 18, 2023, Sinotruk Group held the signing ceremony of the 2023 “military mission commitment” , announcing the 16 battles that must be won in 2023. Tan Xuguang signed "commitment" with Wang Zhijian, general manager, and Cai Dong, vice chairman of Sinotruk Group.

Wang Zhijian and the people in charge of the battles and in charge of the unit of production, supply and marketing integration signed the "military mission commitment".

Requirements from Tan Xuguang are:

Military mission commitment is about "life and death", and winning is the only option.

Firm execution, innovative execution and team execution.

Strengthen the process assessment with dynamic optimization and adjustment.

Boost the morale of the whole team and pick out the outstanding models.

An enterprise can't do without active spirit, an enterprise can't do without an excellent team, and an enterprise definitely can't do without an excellent model.

A total of 600 management from Sinotruk Group attended the meeting online and offline.