Tan Xuguang: Major Correction of the Work Style of the Management

  At 5 pm on November 21, 2021, Tan Xuguang presided over a work meeting to mobilize the management team to improve the work style.

  Tan Xuguang said that the meeting is to eliminate all the root causes and bad habits of the management team, it’s important to build a trillion-level global enterprise by 2030

  Tan Xuguang requires to dig into the four major issues of Weichai's management team:

  Solve the problem of lack of faith, hedonism, drifting and waiting for retirement, and prohibit the wrong outlook on life, work, and wealth;

  Solve the problem of lacking responsibility, and eliminate all the ills of lacking responsibility, unwilling to correct others, and unwilling to touch contradictions;

  Solve the problem of rigid execution, and get rid of the robot who has no thought, no personality, and always mechanically and rigidly executes.

  Solve the problem of lacking capabilities, and improve the ability to control the complex situations and the fight globally.

  Tan Xuguang proposed to carry out correction for the management team regarding the working style, the mind, and the ecology, in order to realize the target of 100 billion dollars income, lead in the global technology, inherit of the culture gene with a smooth handover between the old and new generations of Weichai people.

  Tan Xuguang emphasized that it is necessary to build a strong management team to inherit Weichai’s excellent genes, help Weichai stride over the 100th anniversary, and make the 140,000 worldwide employees and the people of Shandong at ease.