Giving Everything to Protect the Blue Sky

  On September 4, Weichai and Bosch join hands with more than 200 global strategic partners to launch the initiative of “Giving everything to protect the blue sky” in Beijing. More than 500 people participated in the conference, such as leaders from National Ecology and Environment Ministry, National Development and Reform Commission, CICEIA, enterprise representatives from global commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, construction machinery, agriculture machinery, Weichai’s core suppliers, media reporters, etc.

  Zhao Yingmin, vice minister of Ecology and Environment Ministry, Ren Shuben, director of Resource Reservation and Environment Protection Department of National Development and Reform Commission, Xing Min, Secretary General of CICEIA, Tan Xuguang, chairman of Weichai Group, chairman and CEO of Weichai Power, and Volkmar Denner, chairman of Germany Bosch Group jointly launch the initiative of “Giving everything to protect the blue sky”

Tan Xuguang reading the initiative


  Giving everything to protect blue sky is a magnificent strategic arrangement made by the party’s 19th National Congress, as well as an important barrier for China’s economy to shift from high-speed growth to high-quality development. Secretary general Xi Jinping pointed out that “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets ”, and this important instruction issued a mobilization order to all of our enterprises: enterprises must operate legally! Enterprises must comply with national policy guidance! Enterprise must satisfy the growing needs of people’s requirement for beautiful ecology and environment. Promoting green development and winning the pollution prevention battle is a not only an inevitable requirement for the high-quality development of China's social economy and a major historical opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry. Implementing air pollution prevention and control actions and giving everything to protect our blue sky requires the joint efforts of our global industry. Weichai Power of China and Bosch Group of Germany have jointly launched the following initiatives in Beijing, China to global strategic partners and industrial chain clusters:

  1. Actively respond and resolutely support the Chinese government's request to protect the blue sky, and go all out to fully prepare for the products that meet the emission regulations.

  2. Conduct open and close cooperation, and strengthen the cooperation and sharing of all kinds of resources, such as technology of China VI and non-road Stage VI, industry and talents to achieve win-win development.

  3. Co-construct the platform and actively cooperate to deepen the collaborative innovation of the industrial chain, accelerate the breakthrough of advanced technologies and high-end process development of key components, engines and vehicles to fully promote localization and move towards high-quality development.

  4. All participating companies promise: strictly abide by the requirements of laws and regulations, and resolutely not manufacture, sell, purchase, or use products that do not meet emission standards.

  5. Consciously accept public supervision, do not falsify, do not conceal, promptly and comprehensively disclose relevant environmental protection information in accordance with regulations, and resist all non-compliance behaviors.

  6. Accelerate the upgrading of more stringent Chinese emission standards. For those places where conditions permit, the government and enterprises will work together to take the lead in implementing the highest standards of emission standards.

  Through 40 years of development, we have technologies, capabilities and conditions to meet the country’s emission standards. We also actively recommend that the government speed up the elimination of heavy diesel trucks below the China III emission standards. We look forward to the positive actions of the whole industry, the most decisive determination, and the most powerful ways to jointly win the blue sky protection war and make greater contributions to building a beautiful society!