Hang in There, Shou Guang! We’re Together with You

  During August 18th-19th, Shou Guang, Wei fang, Shandong Province, suffered heavy rains, and was seriously affected. Weichai learned the reconstruction needs at first time, donated money and materials, collected 1 million funds and more than 300 microwave ovens to help the disaster area to recover their production and living.

  Zhang Tianhua, the townchief of Shouguang Yangkou, said:”Weichai did a great favor for disaster area’s reconstruction.”

  We take social welfare as our responsibility all of the time. We support road, water conservancy project, help the poor, support the education, improve the community, etc. As a “hometown enterprise”, when Shou Guang suffers severe losses, Weichai will rebuilt your home together with you! We firmly believe that as long as we work together, we could overcome all the difficulties!

  Come on, Shou Guang!