Tan Xuguang: Demonstrate Sustainable Resilience in Steady Growth


  At 9:00 am on May 26, Shandong Heavy Industry Group held a management meeting to implement the spirit of the video conference on China stabilizing the economy and the Shandong Province video conference on stabilizing economic operation. Tan Xuguang presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. 36 sub-venues of the Group and its affiliated companies with more than 2,000 people attended the meeting online and offline.

  Focusing on implementing the spirit of the meetings, Tan Xuguang proposed "six must adhere to":


  The key in stabilizing the economic market is the resilience of enterprises in the market, and we must maintain the consistent principle of "the smallest decline in the downturn and the fastest recovery in the upswing".

  High-quality operating results:

  Increasing income does not mean increasing accounts receivable. Steady growth will not tolerate losses. All ineffective expenses and expenditures should be cleared to zero, and everything we do should focus on strengthening the effective functions.

  Continuous increase in market shares:

  The most fundamental one to increase the shares is to adopt flexible and maneuverable tactics to fight for every order. Wherever there is an opportunity, we will fight for it.

  Unswerving investment in research and development:

  We cancel all ineffective expenses to ensure that the R&D investment is not reduced, but increasing, so as to make full preparations for the next round of market demand.

  Dual market cycle advantage:

  It is necessary to use the growth of the international market to achieve an effective supplement to the domestic market. The domestic market should actively guide the upgrading of product consumption and create new consumption desires for customers.

  Guidance by cultures:

  All management must thrive in the game of economic cycle changes, form a strong executive force in the cultural unity, and lead all employees to forge ahead.

  In the end, Tan Xuguang said that as a leading enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry in Shandong Province, we must clearly understand our responsibilities, rush to the forefront without hesitation, and submit a satisfying result with the best performance.