Call for Papers--The 11th International Conference of ICE Reliability Technology


To ICE science and technology workers,

  Internal combustion engine (ICE) is the leading power in the industry of transportation, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, fishery ships and national defense equipment, and provides efficiency for various fields of work. The reliability of ICE has direct impact on the performance and service life of the equipment. ICE reliability improvement has great influence on the sustainable development of China’s ICE industry and related industries. The State Key Laboratory of Engine Reliability has held the International Conference of ICE Reliability Technology for ten consecutive sessions, which become an important technology exchange platform for the ICE industry. The 11th International Conference of ICE Reliability Technology will be held in mid April, 2022 in Beijing. Global industry experts and corporate technical experts are invited to conduct in-depth exchanges and extensive discussions on the reliability technology of ICE. In order to successfully host this conference, a call for papers is issued to the majority of scientific and technological workers. The relevant matters are notified as follows:

  I. Content of papers

  The latest research directions, results and development trends of ICE reliability technology; new technologies and new methods in terms of ICE reliability, key component reliability, and reliability prediction and evaluation. Topics include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Research on structural reliability technology

  2. Research on lightweight technology

  3. Research on synergetic design technology

  4. Research on fatigue reliability

  5. Research on friction and wear technology

  6. Research on the reliability of tightening and sealing

  7. Research on electronic control reliability technology

  8. Research on emission consistency

  9. Research on reliability evaluation technology

  10. Research on application reliability

  11. Research on early diagnosis technology

  II. Requirements for papers

  1. The submitted paper requires clear viewpoints, and sufficient arguments. Formulas, data, diagrams, and texts should be accurate, clear and concise.

  2. All papers shall be typeset with Microsoft PowerPoint software, in English or Chinese-English bilingual. The page scale should be 16:9, and the report time should be limited within 20 minutes. An abstract of about 150 words and a personal introduction of about 100 words should be submitted at the same time.

  3. For contact purpose, please indicate the detailed mailing address, mobile phone number and e-mail address in your receipt.

  III. Paper review and acceptance

  The papers will be reviewed by the experts from the laboratory and paper acceptance notice will be issued in late March 2022.

  All accepted papers will be collected into the conference report set (in electronic version). With particularly excellent papers, we would arrange reports at the Conference (with a notice to the author).

  IV. Paper collection and deadline

  Please send the receipt back before February 28, 2022, and send your final version of papers to before March 15, 2022.

  Please indicate the subject of the email with "Paper for the 11th International Conference of ICE Reliability Technology". If you are not able to receive a confirmation email within 3 days, please call to confirm.

  V. Contacts

  Liu Changquan 0536-2298044  17353668996

  Zhang Jianxing 0536-2298044  15763634262


  Download:Receipt of Call for Papers - the 11th International Conference of ICE Reliability Technology

  State Key Laboratory of Engine Reliability

 January 4, 2022