Happy 72th birthday, my beloved Weichai!


Time travels, like running water, like a shuttle

In a blink of an eye, you are 72 years old

Crossing the hard times, with glory

You made a take-off trajectory for Made in China

Today, we want to be truly grateful and respectful

To say

Happy birthday, my beloved Weichai!

Footprint of Revolution

Back in time, in 1946

You were born in the Jiaodong Revolutionary Base in the gunfire

At the most difficult time

You are sticking to the country and the Party

To transport weapons to liberate all of China

In 1946, your name was "Huanhai Iron Factory"

Brilliant Start

In the 1950s, you successfully trialed medium-speed diesel engines

Embarked on the professional road of diesel engine development

At that time, the land of China was in vain, and the industry was just getting started

You injected the source of power into the construction of New China

In 1953, you changed the name to "Weifang Diesel Engine Factory"

In the 1970s, you developed the "8V160 tank engine" for the country, representing the highest level of technology at that time

In the 1980s, you tested foreign trade and became a pathfinder for the country's opening to the outside world

Taking the Deciding Point

Market economy is coming

Failed to turn the steering

You encountered an unprecedented crisis

Bold enough to take the road of reform, innovation and development

A young leader took the deciding point

And opened a new era!

The new leader, Tan Xuguang, put forward the "Three Commitments", which is a turning point from the predicament to the glory

Breaking through the resistance and implementing the "property reform", you have become the pioneer of China's state-owned enterprise reform

Listed in Hong Kong, you have accumulated valuable international experience for Chinese companies

Building the powertrain system, you have reversed the fate of Chinese cars’ “lack of heavy duty products”

A dragon across the Sea

Take the reform and opening up

You bravely "go out"

To build a global industry map in the “Belt and Road”

Inject "China Power" into the global economy

The pulse of 80,000 Weichai people around the world

Beat together because of you!

No matter where we come from, our name is "Weichai"

Never forget where we started and hit the road again!

It’s my instinct to love you

On the road of "making a strong manufacturing country and revitalizing national industry"

You have drawn a grand blueprint for "Beyond and Leading"

I am willing to walk with you

For the mission and dreams, hit the road again!