Chongyang Festival | Your contribution will always be in our heart


October 17, 2018, the ninth day of the ninth month in lunar calendar, was Chongyang Festival. Weichai Group held a series of activities to celebrate the day for the elder and expressed sincere wishes to the retired old workers.

Chairman Tan Xuguang, who was a business trip, sent a letter of condolences to all the retired old workers to express the blessings of the festival!

"This year is the 20th anniversary of the reform and innovation of Weichai. Looking back on the development process of the company, the generations of old workers have worked hard, made important contributions in their respective posts, and devoted their efforts to every development and progress of Weichai. All Weichai people will never forget your contribution and bear your characters in mind!"

On the afternoon of October 17, Weichai Group solemnly held the "Chongyang Festival" commendation conference to honor the advanced collectives and individuals of the elderly in 2018.

Weichai also invited more than 100 retired veterans to visit the Science and Technology Exhibition Hall to get a close look at the development and achievements of Weichai.

The old workers visited the exhibition areas such as “Review the Revolution” and “Beyond Leading”. Old workers are impressed by the high-end products, the design with high level of science and technology, the intelligent and visual interactive experience.

Old workers said that under the leadership of Chairman Tan Xuguang, the cause of Weichai will surely become more and more prosperous, and they are very proud of the rapid development of Weichai.