Information Disclosure No. 000001 | Weichai Obtains China VI B Certification for Heavy-duty Diesel Engines


On October 9, 2018, Weichai won the environmental protection information disclosure form of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment with the number of 000001, which marked that the Weichai WP4.6N engine successfully passed the official China VI B certification for heavy-duty diesel engines.

China VI standard is currently the most stringent emission standard in the world. After the official standard was released, Weichai immediately jointed the testing organization and the environmental protection department to conduct technical communication, determine the certification test plan and carry out certification work. Under the supervision of the environmental protection department, on October 4, Weichai WP4.6N completed all the test items for the bench and vehicle tests, and successfully obtained the China VI B emission certification report for heavy-duty diesel engines.

It is understood that in order to obtain the emission certification of the environmental protection department, the engine must complete the following processes: product parameter filing → product type test → obtain test report and upload to environmental protection system → declare environmental information → obtain environmental information disclosure form. Only when the environmental information is disclosed, the certification will truly be completed.

Weichai successfully obtained the China VI B certification for heavy-duty diesel engines, which is not only the result of the research and development of Weichai, but also the mission and determination of Weichai to win the blue sky defense war.