Weichai Power tops the "Candid Shandong Company List" to redefine the connotation of "Candid"



In July 6, Shandong Province's first "Candid Shandong Company List" ceremony was held in Jinan. Weichai Power, Haier, Hisense, Tsingtao Beer and other 110 enterprises made the list.



Weichai Power, as one of the 10 business representatives, participated in the awards activities. Weichai Power Party Secretary Wang Yong took "culture" as the theme to share with participantshow Weichai playsthe "responsibility, communication and diversity" core culturein international operations and collaborate with overseas subsidiaries that had become members of the Weichai family. Promoting business integration through cultural integration not only enhanced the international business capacity of Weichai, but also showed Weichai's culture and brand spiritas the unique "Candid" manner of the new era.