Thumbs up! Weichai Power wins the gold medal of "China Trade mark Awards", the highest honor in the field of trademark



In the morning of June 30, "2017 China Trademark Awards" awarding ceremony was held in Yangzhou, Jiangsu. Weichai Power stood out from the well-known enterprises to win the "China Trademark Awards - Trademark Innovation Award", and ranked firstin the seven "Trademark Innovation Award" winning companies. Weichai is currently the only award-winning equipment manufacturing company in Shandong Province and also the first award-winning company in domestic engine industry. 


Weichai adheres to the "going overseas" development strategy to use "capital + product" two-wheel drives to build a lineup of luxury brand cluster and improve brand global visibility significantly with the trademark value of 22.5 billion yuan.




In this business world across Europe and the United States, in addition to the Chinese commercial vehicle industry gold chain: Weichai Power + Fast + Shacman, truck, the newly added Baudouin, Ferretti, Pershing, Riva, Itema, CRN, Mochi Craft, Custom Line, KION, Linde, STILL, Fenwick, OM STILL, Baoli and Voltas are all world's top or advanced brands, which from the basis expands Weichai's influence and significance in various fields.