Lin Fangwenfrom 3 High experimental team” of Engine technology research institute:

Maintaining Product Quality in spite of 40 Degrees Below Zero


In the winder of Heihe city of Heilongjiang Province, the temperature outside can be as low as 40 degrees below zero. In such a cold weather, the “3 High experimental team”started their test in severely cold conditions. How impressive is the coldness in Heihe City. Until the 27th day of the 12th month of lunar year, they completed all tests and returned to Weifang.

Lin Fanwen is one of the working engineers. During the test, he fully displayed the craftsman spirit of WEICHAI technicians featuring excellence and persistence. Someday, the test vehicles fail to get started. Lin and other engineers rapidly reacted and changed the equipment and parts in cold weather of 40 degrees below zero. They checked the ECU data, the air intake and exhaust system and oil circuit. However, every thing was okay. Is it wrong with the braking inside the cylinder? Considering this, Lin continued checking and finally regulated the clamping screw inside the cylinder, and the vehicle could be started. But, he did not stop testing, and he was wondering the problem of the braking system in the cylinder. Then, after 16 hours of inspection and checking, he finally found the root of the problem and the failure of the vehicles was finally settled by him. Lin and the “3 High experimental team” manifest the responsibility and contribution as well as the spirit of coordination and persistence of WEICHAI. Please thumb upfor Lin Fanwen and the outstanding member in experimental team.