Excellence in Foreign Country: Forging Team of Technology Export Project in Myanmar


In thetechnology export project in Myanmar, there is a team which holds on their posts in foreign country. They stipulated crafts standards suitable for Myanmar conditions and they provide Myanmar staff with systematic training. They followed the principle of responsibility andprominence and moved all those surrounding them. They are the casting team of technology export project in Myanmar.

Before going to their position, the forging team will provide detailed technological guidance for Myanmar staff according to the work of the day. The forging engineers are responsible for smelting check the conditions of smelting device and make sure that the materials furnace is sufficient. Also, they will weigh them one by one based on the materials sheet and guide Myanmar staff to put them before the electric furnace in turn. Then, they would start the smelting work for the day. One day in November, when they prepared to cast, the electricity supply is broken down. Though it is common in Myanmar, but it is still the first time for power failure during casting irons. Then, it was confirmed that the electricity supply will be fixed in one and half hour. Fang Duo, forging engineer, recognized that the fast decrease of temperature of hot metal will deteriorate the status of hot metal. And it would be useless even though the power supply is fixed. They immediately organized the Myanmar staff to make electric furnace cover with fire-resistant asbestuspadand cover it onto the furnace mouth. After the electricity supply is fixed, they organized to test the constituents of hot metal and provide additional materials based on the conditions of burnt materials until the constituents of hot metal were in compliance with crafts requirements. With the efforts of casting team, the first batch of casting parts meet standards in terms of appearance, size and material, and also received recognition from Myanmar staff. Though they are far away from home, they seize every minute to produce delicate and excellent products and show the world the manufacturing capacity of China.