Commendatory Letter from 10,000 Miles Away


Not long ago, the headquarter of WEICHAI received a letter of recognition from China Office of Chief Military Expert (COCME) in Tanzania.

In the letter, the COCME expressed its sincere appreciation towards WEICHAI and the three staff, Ji Xinhong, Wang Dongmin and Li Yuehua, praising them as examples of all employees.

Why are staff of WEICHAI praised by COCME?

Back in December 14, 2017, engineers of WEICHAI in Tanzania received a phone call for help from COCME. The power generation of a British brand unit installed in military zone of COCME brokedown, resulting widespread blackout. And, an important foreign activity will be held there. If can't eliminate the fault and restore power supply in time, the activity will be postponed.

COCME turned to the agent of that brand for help. However, the attitude of that agent was so bad and asking for a higher price. They had no other choice but to ask us for help.

After receiving the notice, three engineers, Ji Xinhong, Wang Dongmin and Li Yuehua, arrived at the site and settled the problem quickly. To avoid any incidents, they monitored the operation of the unit until the end of event and went back at midnight.

In order to thoroughly crack down on the failure of machine, they went back the next day and conducted continuous experiment for 24 hours a day and for 4 days. Finally, they fixed the problem. The directors of COCMEare deeply impressed by their concentration, enthusiasm and dedication of them.?

When interviewed, engineers of WEICHAI said that it is quite normalno matter it is in China or Africa. As long as you can find us, we will try out utmost to settle all problems.